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School Vision




“Congress Year-round School is committed to creating a well-prepared and caring community of learners, where students work hard to be successful and learning never stops.”




Dear students, families and friends,


As principal of Congress School, I welcome you to our learning community, where children come first. In accordance with our school vision, our goal is to provide children with the resources and support needed to become self-confident, independent thinkers who value and respect their community and those who share it. By building strong relationships with families and meaningful partnerships with community organizations, Congress creates an atmosphere of trust and a strong network that recognizes each student’s individuality and unique skills.


As one of the largest K-8 schools in MPS, we are proud of the achievements at Congress. We are a Blue Ribbon School with many programs in place to realize our efforts. The Four C’s of Congress (Continuity, Collaboration, Consistency and Communication) guide our learning community in achieving high standards and positive results. Our classrooms boast an inclusive environment where children are treated as individuals. Teachers create lessons that target a variety of learning styles, ensuring that each student’s needs are met and where students are free to express themselves.


In addition to a strong core curriculum, we promote student involvement in extracurricular activities, employ full-time Fine Arts teachers and infuse technology into daily lessons. We believe that well-rounded students have an advantage in meeting the high expectations set forth by the certified Congress staff. It is important that students embrace their natural talents by pursuing musical interests, sports, new languages and innovative technological practices.


In an effort to introduce students to new role models and to familiarize them with resources throughout the Milwaukee community, we build strong connections with local organizations and community leaders who selflessly show their support for our students through new programs, visits to our classrooms or field trip opportunities for our learners. We are grateful to all those dedicated professionals and mentors who provide our students with new experiences that broaden their horizons and help embrace the endless opportunities that exist.


If you have any questions or would like to tour Congress School, please contact our school office at (414) 616-5300. We look forward to hearing from you!




Lorraine Applewhite, Principal



Nondiscrimination Notice


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