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The Milwaukee Board of School Directors is committed to ensuring that the District continues its forward momentum and is prepared to take the steps necessary to ensure that MPS has highly qualified leadership in place at all times. The Board continues to determine direction and to evaluate the performance of Milwaukee Public Schools. The Board is excited about the progress made toward achieving our strategic goals and implementing our initiatives. Together with our current Superintendent, we have constructed a solid foundation upon which we will continue to build.

The Board is always interested in receiving feedback from our community to assist in shaping the vision and goals for the District. As we move forward, we welcome your input regarding which qualities you believe would make a good leader for Milwaukee Public Schools. More formal opportunities will be announced in the coming weeks.

For your convenience, a link to submit input has been provided below:

What qualities would you like to see in a new Superintendent?
You may also submit your comments to:The Office of Board GovernancePhone: (414) 475-8284
Milwaukee Public SchoolsTTY: (888) 808-0928
P.O. Box 2181Fax: (414) 475-8071
Milwaukee, WI 53201-2181

Mission Statement

Milwaukee Public Schools educates all students for success in higher education, careers and responsible citizenship so that MPS is the first choice for families.

Vision Statement

Milwaukee Public Schools will be among the highest-performing urban public school districts in the country, providing rigorous, high-quality learning opportunities for students. Schools will enable lifelong learning among students, families, educators and other staff focused on continuous improvement. Teaching will be child-centered, based on research-proven methods, and aligned to high academic standards; it will meet the learning needs of individual students. The district, its schools, and its employees will be accountable for measurable gains in student achievement.

Schools will be safe centers of community activity that are welcoming, well maintained, and accessible. Children will be provided maximum educational opportunities to become responsible citizens who make positive contributions to their communities. The district and its schools will strengthen partnerships with families and those in the community who influence and affect students and families.

Core Beliefs

  • Children come first.
  • The classroom is the most important place in the district.
  • Leadership and accountability are keys to our success.
  • Central Services supports student achievement.
  • Families are valuable partners.
  • Community partnerships add value.

Adopted July 26, 2007

General Governance Commitment

On behalf of the people of the city of Milwaukee, the Board will govern the Milwaukee Public Schools with a strategic perspective continually improving its process and capability to express values and vision.

Accordingly, the Board shall develop a strategic plan for a specified time period, including a mission statement, goals, objectives and accountability measures. The Board's strategic plan guides the process for implementing the school district's overall improvement plan for the twenty-first century.

In all matters of planning governance and accountability, the Board shall recognize its responsibility to the citizens of the City of Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin to use all funds for the greatest possible effect in fulfilling Board goals of student achievement and equity.

Adopted 4-25-96
Revised 6-26-96