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“The mission of Hopkins Street School is to produce well-rounded, socially conscious students who are academically proficient in all core content areas.”



Dear Hopkins Street School families, friends and community supporters,


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As principal of Hopkins Street, I want to welcome you to our vibrant learning community! Located in the heart of Milwaukee’s North Division neighborhood, Hopkins Street is one of the oldest urban schools in the city. We are proud of our roots and value the neighborhood that surrounds us. Hopkins’ students are encouraged to become involved and build rapport with various community organizations, extending their education beyond the classroom walls. We are also grateful for our generous community partners, who offer students unique perspectives and support them on their educational quests.


image of two female students smilingAt Hopkins Street, we focus on providing a safe, caring environment with an energetic, positive atmosphere that fosters a sense of well-being and promotes enjoyment of learning. Our goal as educators is to encourage students to use their knowledge and educational experience to positively impact their community. We also stress the importance of developing strong technological skills in an effort to prepare students for success in a globally connected world.


Hopkins parents are key stakeholders in the education of our children. Parents are encouraged to remain active participants in their child’s education by offering a helping hand in the school office, volunteering to chaperone on field trips, serving as positive role models for their children once the school day ends and providing an environment that is conducive to success at home. Our School Governance Council also affords parents the opportunity to take part in decisions regarding instructional refinement, student achievement and other educational issues.


In an effort to enhance the support network for students, Hopkins Street offers students the opportunity to get involved with clubs, sports and other extracurricular activities. From etiquette lessons and community service to basketball and cheering, there is something for everyone. Extracurricular activities afford students a positive outlet for self-expression as well as the chance to pursue individual interests.

I look forward to working closely with our families every school year and vow to uphold Hopkins School’s reputation as a quality school and an anchor in our community. I also promise to elevate programming and student achievement in the months and years ahead. Just as our motto, “Soaring to new heights,” suggests, we are going nowhere but up!


I welcome and encourage all volunteers willing to work with children or office staff to contact Hopkins at (414) 267-0600. Families interested in enrolling their child may call to schedule a personal tour of our school. We would love to meet you and welcome you to our school community!


Dr. Juan Baez


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