Mission Statement

Photo: Group of LaFollette students and staff
The LaFollette Family

"The LaFollette student family will learn to think critically and creatively, developing skills for a rapidly changing world. Students will be prepared for success in high school and post-secondary experiences in the twenty-first century as they familiarize themselves with technology through activities in our classrooms and three media centers. Through meaningful academic and social experiences, LaFollette students will acquire knowledge and a lifelong love for learning. As they develop their skills and further their education, students will become independent, productive citizens."

Photo: Principal
Brenda Sheppard-Nelson, Principal

As principal of Robert M. LaFollette School, I want to welcome you to our family! Our staff works very hard to plan interesting and rewarding activities, creating a productive and educational environment for all children.

LaFollette is a K-8 neighborhood school with a focus on the importance of reading, writing, and math. By partnering with a variety of outside organizations, students receive a well-rounded education. Lessons at LaFollette extend beyond the traditional school day so that our students and families are involved in meaningful activities before school, after school and during the summer months.

The curriculum at LaFollette integrates reading, writing, math, science, and social studies with cultural awareness and the arts. Our goal is to prepare students for continued educational opportunities by equipping them with the tools and resources to become self-confident, independent learners.

Photo: School building
LaFollette school building

One of the keys to a productive learning environment is strong communication and cooperation between the family and the school staff. By working together, we can create a strong support network for our students, encouraging them to stay motivated and take on the challenges of learning. When you enroll your child at LaFollette, you become a partner in your childís educational process. We take that partnership very seriously and continue to keep you informed of your childís academic development and behavior progress.

I encourage families to visit LaFollette, take a tour of our beautiful school and meet the outstanding teachers and staff who can motivate your child to succeed! Please contact me at (414) 267-5200 to schedule a tour or to ask any questions you may have. Iím looking forward to continuing to strengthen and build our learning community!

Handwriting: Brenda Sheppard-Nelson