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"It is not where you come from that determines your destiny--but where you go. Our destiny is in our hands." --Mr. Willie Jude, Deputy Superintendent
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North Division High School is undergoing change.  New classes, teachers and administrative staff for the 2011 - 2012 school year!

We look forward the greater opportunities for the students of our communities!

EXPECT GREAT THINGS! Best Students + Best Staff = Best School.
The Spirit Lives On! The Pride is Back!
Great Opportunity to study at the most unique high school in Milwaukee and to be a part of the North community success story: 
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Short Overview: Starting with the 1998-1999 school year, North Division has been implementing the virtual university concept. With the powerful use of technology to access information and resources, learning at North is unlimited. Thus North is creating a Virtual University and providing a "Window to the World" for North students, their families, and community.

North has an enrollment of 950 students in a grade 9-12. North Division Virtual University High School is a comprehensive public high school located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is part of the Milwaukee Public School District (MPS). North Division is a central city school whose focus is excellence in education for every student. North has block scheduling to help make effective use of time and accelerate learning. The many fine programs at North include the Medical Specialty and Technical Departments.

North has a proud history with a tradition of excellence. Many notable citizens in our community are North Division alumni including several of North's present staff members and a former superintendent of the Milwaukee Public Schools. A mission of North Division is to provide and develop the twin building blocks for success: Scholarship and Character.

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