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About Northwest Secondary School

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The mission of Northwest Secondary School is to function as a professional learning community that promotes social and emotional well-being. By using multiple teaching methods to engage all students in learning through a curriculum aligned with state and distract standards, we prepare students for the transition to college and beyond. Learning is monitored through data collection based on formal and informal assessments supported by collaborations with family, community and school partnerships.

Northwest Secondary School is a school of approximately 1,000 students located in the northwest sector of Milwaukee, serving students in grades six through twelve. Our school is a Professional Learning Community with a shared mission, vision, values and goals that ensure student learning and academic success. All core academic classes are taught on an alternating day block schedule. However, reading and some Fine Arts/Vocational Education (FAVE) classes are taught daily in the middle grades.

As we continue to work together, we will provide an orderly educational environment that strengthens the teaching and learning process at Northwest and supports the social development of each student.


5496 North 72nd Street | Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53218 | (414) 393-3100