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Nortwest Express


Photo of Northwest Secondary Students

At Northwest Secondary School, all students in the high school grades attend classes in the four core academic subjects each year: English, math, science and social studies.


MPS Learning Targets

In 2003, Milwaukee Public Schools created Learning Targets for each subject area and grade level. These targets detail what is taught throughout the year. Parents are sent copies of the Learning Targets and encouraged to discuss them with teachers. Posters are also on display in the school. Teachers can provide samples of student work so that parents know what is expected from a child at his/her grade level. All schools in MPS work toward the same Learning Targets, which in turn are aligned with Wisconsin State Standards. Please click on the image below to download the Learning Targets brochures.


Link to Learning Targets Page


Classes Offered At Northwest:

• Comprehensive Cognitively Disabled (CD) classes

• Math classes: MPS District-adopted curricula for grades 6-8, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus

• Science classes: MPS District-adopted curricula for grades 6-8, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

• English: MPS District-adopted curricula for grades 6-8, English 9 & 10, American Authors, Creative Writing, Journalism and AP English

• Reading: MPS District-adopted curricula for grades 6-8, Direct Instruction and Read 180 (9th grade)

• Social Studies: MPS District-adopted curricula for grades 6-8, Civics, World History, U.S. History, American Government and Economics

Photo of Northwest Secondary Student and Staff Member

• Physical Education: P.E. and Lifetime Sports (personal fitness and recreational sports)

• Art: Art I & II, Drawing and Painting/Art Foundations

  Artsonia Students Visual Arts Gallery

• Mathematics Lab (FAVE: Fine Arts/Vocational Education)

• Music, Music Theory and Music Appreciation

• Computer Art and Technology (FAVE: Fine Arts/Vocational Education)

• Spanish I & II

• Job Preparation Skills: Elective for grades 9-12

• Career Skills: Elective for grades 9-12

• Journalism: Elective for grades 11-12

• Health: MPS District-adopted curricula for grades 6-9

• Justice & You: Elective for grades 9-12

• ACT/SAT Prep: Elective for grades 11-12

• Study Skills: Elective for grades 9-12

• Human Relations: Elective for grades 9-12

• Career Skills: Elective for grades 9-12


Classes Offered Through MATC

• Business Co-Op I & II: This course will focus on clerical skills such as computer programs, business machines and general office duties/knowledge. These skills are vital for anyone entering an office/business setting.Photo of Students at MATC

• Motorcycles, Small Engines & Automotive Servicing: This course will provide students with an overview of all three related areas. Students will learn how to operate and repair motorcycles as well as information regarding diagnostic procedures, electrical components and fuel injection systems.

• Computer Aided Drafting (CAD): The CAD class will cover the fundamentals of drafting language and blueprint reading. Students will use CAD software to read, develop and construct a working drawing.



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