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Access Grades, Attendance and Assignments

The Milwaukee Public Schools' online Parent Assistant allows parents/guardians to access their children’s attendance, course grades, and standardized test scores – all available instantaneously. Parents can also update personal and emergency contact information directly online (which is then reviewed and verified by the school). All information is kept private, and each parent must complete a special application to help guarantee security and privacy of their information. For parents with multiple students in MPS, all children can be accessed via one PIN number. For families who may not have access at home, computers with Internet access are available at public libraries, at school, and many workplaces. Interested parents need to apply for security access to this information, and then they can view the information using a computer with the Internet.


Parent Assistant Fact Sheet (link to PDF file)

Parent Assistant Login Page

Security Access Information (link to PDF file)


Access Student Learning Community

Milwaukee Public Schools is excited to present the Student Learning Community, a student-focused online learning platform to extend, enhance and supplement our students educational experience with 21st Century teaching and learning technologies. Students will be exposed to working in a virtual environment for supplemental course work, group projects and community collaboration.


Click on the image below to enter the Student Learning Community


Student Learning Community Link

5496 North 72nd Street | Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53218 | (414) 393-3100