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Northwest Express

Welcome to Northwest Secondary School!

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At Northwest Secondary, we focus on providing each student with the confidence necessary to graduate from high school and further his or her education in college or technical school and beyond.

Success and academic achievement for each student every day are the goals of the faculty at Northwest Secondary School. Students are provided with the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned as it relates to the MPS Learning Targets. This is done through the process of classroom-based assessments during the school year.

As we continue to work together, we will provide an orderly educational environment that strengths the teaching and learning at Northwest and supports the social development of each student.

We believe that the school environment is a place where students recognize their responsibilities as well as academic expectations. Our goal is for all students to show at least one year’s growth in all subjects. We know that success is a goal you have for your child; therefore, together we can facilitate the success of ALL students at Northwest.

We make it a goal to support the needs of the local community and develop a citywide focus that will attract students throughout various communities and neighborhoods. Through partnerships with successful Milwaukee organizations, special courses designed to accommodate student learning styles and a variety of activities to boost student involvement, Northwest Secondary provides students with the well-rounded education they need to succeed in an ever-changing world.



5496 North 72 Street | Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53218 | (414) 393-3100