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Dear families and students,


photo of students working on science project

Welcome to the Professional Learning Institute (PLI)! We at PLI want to welcome you to our exciting school, where every student is expected to work hard to achieve positive results. We foster conditions that promote active learning for each individual student by following a continuous cycle of researching, planning, performing, analyzing and applying results. Thanks to this method, our students not only meet the district graduation requirements, but also develop the tools to be successful in college, technical school or whatever career path they choose to take.


At PLI, we stress the importance of rigor, relevance, relationships and professionalism. These qualities serve as the foundation upon which our school community is built. Our rigorous curriculum prepares all of our students for successful futures by focusing on different study techniques, college advice and career-centered education.  Projects fully engage students in active learning. Students at PLI understand that learning is a process and requires patience and dedication. Our Advanced Placement classes allow students to gain college credit while still in high school.


We also ensure that what is learned in the classroom is relevant to real-life experiences. Individualized curriculums are based on students’ interests and talents. Students make connections through job shadow opportunities and internships. They also connect academic skills and knowledge with real-world situations.


photo of PLI Winners

Just as rigor and relevance are important at PLI, relationships help students build charisma, confidence and character. By promoting a community of trust, students learn to rely on one another, their families and staff members for support. This strong support network encourages students to be themselves and to value healthy relationships.


Finally, we promote professionalism at PLI. Students come to acknowledge that they are responsible for their own future and by making intelligent, mature decisions they will be successful in achieving their goals. Each day, students solve complex problems and complete challenging projects. By evaluating which learning styles are most effective for their personal habits, students prepare for education after high school, when their education will be in their own hands.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour of PLI, please call our offices at (414) 934-4200. We look forward to hearing from you!




The dedicated staff at Professional Learning Institute




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