History of the Playstation 2

In early March 1999 the Playstation 2 was unveiled in Tokyo. Journalists from all over the world came to get the details about the most highly anticipated video gaming system ever and they were astonished by the realistic graphics and motions. The gigantic event showed off every dimension of the system from the hardware to the launch details.

The most anticipated part of the confrence was the game demos. The demos featured were the racing games Grand Turismo and Ridge Racer, and the main event was the Final Fantasy demo. These demos demonstrated the true power of the Playstation 2 by showing realistic shadows, tranceparency, and advanced motions like rubber ducks floating in a sink. The sleek black look of the system resembled that of many VCRs and dvd players this helped stress the fact that the PS2 was a entertainment system as much as it was a video gaming system.

When the day of the big release came in Japan, people waited in long lines to get their hands on the highly anticipated system. The release was a huge success to say the least. In the first weekend of sales the PS2 sold 1 million copies! This caught the attention of U.S. news papers and even more hype surrounded the highly regarded system.

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2000 (or the E3), some more of the details of the system were released. It was said that the price of the system would be 299$ in the U.S. and that the system would come with the dualshock controller and an 8mb memory card. The release date in America was also set, October 26th, 2000.

On it's opening day in North America all units were sold out of every store. The unavailability of the system frustrated many die hard gaming fans and many people refuse to buy the system because they feel slighted by the amount of units released. even now, months after the release, the system is very hard to find.