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Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts - Philosophy



Roosevelt Art Works

The unique educational program of Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts provides students with opportunities to develop their fullest potential personally, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially through a curriculum based on the creative arts. The purpose of this program is to develop each child’s creativity in all subject areas with particular emphasis on critical thinking, individual creative expression, and group responsibility. The school encourages students to assess their interests, abilities, talents, and needs.

Roosevelt’s creative arts specialty is based on the premise that all students can benefit from the arts. Specifically that: The arts help students become more aware of themselves and their environment. The arts stimulate greater appreciation and enjoyment of life. The arts are essential to the development of the whole person. The arts expand students’ ability to express their ideas, thoughts, and feelings. The arts assist the development of students’ critical, analytical, symbolic,and abstract thought. The arts provide students awareness of the universal nature of humanity. The arts provide students increased motivation to learn in all subjects. The arts help students develop creativity and imagination. The arts complement teaching of the entire curriculum.

One aspect of arts education is the development of skill and technique. An additional focus of Roosevelt’s program is the creative application of this acquired knowledge, whether it is a product, a performance, or the ability to deal with real-life situations.

The arts are used at Roosevelt in various ways:

  • As specific disciplines such as visual art, drama, dance and instrumental and vocal music taught by arts specialists;
  • As an integral part of classroom instruction in all subjects;
  • As collaborative inter-arts projects and activities based on specific concepts and themes:
  • As a part of the curriculum through involvement with arts resources and professionals in and from the non-school community.

Through coordination of these four approaches, Roosevelt offers both exposure to numerous, varied art disciplines, and in-depth specialization in one or more specific arts.

Ultimately the goal of Roosevelt is not to prepare each student to become a professional artist, although many students may eventually pursue the arts with the intention of a professional career as a painter, sculptor, actor, dancer, musician, or writer. Certainly these students benefit from Roosevelt’s emphasis on the creative arts. The overall goal, however, is to prepare all students to incorporate the specific benefits of the arts into their lives regardless of later vocational pursuits, To be more aware of self and environment; to appreciate and enjoy life; to think critically, symbolically, abstractly; to be creative and imaginative; to express ideas, thoughts and feelings; and to understand the universality of humanity: These benefits are essential, valuable, and useful for all, and are applicable to all areas of life.

This is Roosevelt’s ultimate commitment.