Lindsay Heights Community is located in the Milwaukee central city, bound by Locust St. to the north, I-43 to the east, Walnut Street to the south and 20th Street to the west. This community spans parts of the 53205 and 53206 zip codes

In 2012, SS/HS was given a VPI grant to begin programming in the Lindsay Heights Community. Programming in the schools will focus on violence prevention, gang awareness/prevention, drug awareness/ prevention, mental health services, early childhood services, proper nutrition and job readiness skills to students, staff and parents. While MPS serves over 80,000 students, the Safe Schools/ Healthy Students Lindsay Heights Initiative will focus on eight select schools in the Lindsay Heights Neighborhood community. MPS will be partnering with several other community organizations that have a strong background in providing violence prevention programs and activities for youth.

The Initiative has 3 Aims:

  1. Prevent violence and intervene early with youth ages 0-11 years with schools and neighborhoods.
  2. Influence/motivate youth ages 12-17 years with neighborhood and schools
  3. Educate, develop, catalyze and convene across all youth to build capacity for violence prevention with neighborhoods, schools and the broader community.
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