Starms Discovery Learning Center

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A place where children, families, the school and the community are all empowered by collaborative relationships of trust and support.

"Where learning is an adventure"

Frances Starms Discovery Learning Center is an MPS site that serves elementary and middle level students from the ages of 6 to 14 years old. The school is committed to excellence by providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum in an active learning environment with high expectations for all students to achieve success.

Starms Discovery Learning Center is an MPS, city-wide, ungraded elementary and middle school

located in the heart of Milwaukee between 25th and 27th and Lloyd and Brown.

Introduction | School Logo | Starms Mission Statement | Address


It is our mission to provide a positive atmosphere where children will acquire respect for self and others and a lasting love and desire for learning.

Through hands-on activities and guided discovery, children will learn to communicate and work effectively with others in a positive way, will develop self-esteem and self-confidence by becoming effective decision makers, and will develop positive outlooks for achieving their goals. Cross age grouping and teaming supports each teacher's philosophy of learning and teaching. We believe children come to understand the world better by engaging in relevant school experiences. We believe cross age grouping has many benefits which lead to greater student success. We believe in allowing for continuous risk taking, reflection, and rethinking as we move toward our belief in cross age grouping and integration.

We believe that the faculty and staff, in conjunction with parents and community, should work together to provide a quality pre-school program that includes multi-cultural, multi-lingual experiences, and guided awareness and integration of special needs students in an antibias, antiracist environment. Through these experiences, our students will become responsible, functioning citizens, capable of achieving their maximum potential, and will be well-prepared to successfully complete their educational goals while building a foundation for life-long learning.

Introduction | School Logo | Starms Mission Statement | Address

Great Expectations

Be prepared and responsible for your learning

Be respectful in all situations

Be safe everywhere

Be a discoverer

Frances Starms Discovery Learning

2035 N. 25th St. Milwaukee, WI 53205

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