Paper Towel Absorbency Project

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Project Title:

What's the Best Picker Upper for the Money?


How Can I Get My Elementary School Students to Learn About Absorption and Consumer Economics and Have Fun in the Process?


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Educational Purposes

The goals of the project are to develop math and science skills and consumer awareness among elementary school students by predicting, experimenting, observing, measuring, comparing, graphing and analyzing data.

Project Developer:

Eleanor Sellers

E-mail address:

Curricular Area Addressed:

This project is designed to develop math and science skills science. Students follow steps used in scientific inquiry. Math measurement and graphing skills are used in gathering and recording data.

Grade Level

Developed for children in grades two to six, though older students may participate.

Summary of Project Plans:

Students will:

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Project Time Line

March 30 to April 24: Registration by e-mail

April 1 to May 1: Project registrations confirmed by e-mail

May 5,1998: Project results due.

May 8, 1998: Project results posted

If you are reading this now, you are too late to join our original project, but you can still use this activity, and I would still be happy to hear from you.

Specifics of Project

Materials Needed:

One roll each of Bounty Quilted, Kleenex Viva, and any other brand paper towel

Three plastic cups for each group collecting data

Measuring cups calibrated in milliliters

Containers of water with red, blue and green food coloring added.



Magic Marker



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